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• Aktivity



This application is intended for the Slovak market

Aktivity je hra pre celú rodinu. Nezáleží na veku. Či už ste syn, vnuk, rodič, starý rodič alebo bratranec môžete sa aj Vy zabaviť so svojimi priateľmi !

Rozvíja Vašu fantáziu či už v hovorenom slove, pantomíme alebo kreslenej forme. Samozrejme na čas. Hra je určená pre dve a viac osôb, skupiny. Nezáleží kde sa nachádzate, ale nudiť sa pri tejto hre určite nebudete a bude Vás sprevádzať dobrá nálada a smiech.

Funkčné aj pre 3.0 zariadenia !

Pri akomkoľvek probléme alebo návrhu ma kontaktujte

Ak máte pocit, že v hre je málo slov, môžete aj Vy prispieť a tak vylepšiť hru na adrese

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• Aktivity game

Aktivity game


The game is intended for native English speakers

It's mobile version of well known game Activity

Aktivity Game is game for whole family. No matter the age, whether you are son, grand son, father, or grand father. Also you can enjoy with your friend and family!

Developer your fantasies in spoken words, pantomime or paint form. Of course to time limit. The game is intended for two or more poeple, groupes. No matter where you are, you will never be bored with this game! enjoy!

All instructions are in game.

• Marsimo: TD

Marsimo: TD


Classic defensive strategy game with towers , maps, bonuses and more. Advantages of this game are simple interface and controling content. There are 20 maps with 2 difficulties easy and hard. This game contain sound effects too.


- retina graphics
- particle effects
- 20 maps
- 2 difficulties, easy and hard
- 8 different towers
- 10 bosses
- 20 types of creeps
- special creeps
- special bomb tower
- destroyable objects ingame
- special destroyable objects ingame
- upgradeable path
- checkpoints
- sound effects

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• Math for kids

Math for kids


Maths for kids is an application that the school-age children develop their mathematical skills. They may choose from easy and hard difficulty. Examples that the children receive for each game are fresh and new. The results are rated by great smiles. The game has a very nice graphics.


- 5 different math exercises
- 7 difficulties (automaticaly increasing after well-calculated equation)
- sound effects
- time mode
- beautiful graphic
- scores after each play

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• QuiGue



QuiGue game is designed for all types of ages. As for the young, as well as for parents and grandparents. Your task is the shortest time possible to guess a word that has letters mix. See Features of the game.


- guess more than 4000 words
- 4 languages
- game center achievements
- sounds
- options


The whole game is translated into four languages including words. You can choose from English, German, French and Slovak. It is really up to you in which language you want to guess words


Game center offers a different kind of achievements. Trophies will be still more


In the settings you can turn off the sounds and vibrations and also reset the entire course of the game, including achievements.


- If a given word has capitalized letter is the first letter of the word
- In easy and hard category you can find nouns, adjectives and verbs
- It is important to write words with accents

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• Simomar: space shooter

Simomar: space shooter


Do you want a 2D space shooter game with excellent playability and many features to play? You didnt find anything good on app store? This game is treasure! Very addictive game with everything want you even wish. Free version available too


- Game center support (leaderboards and achievements)
- 3 different way to control mothership (finger, accelerometer, joystick)
- beautiful sounds
- hd graphic for iphone 4
- 24 great levels
- 20 different objects ingame
- 12 upgrades of your motheship
- 8 spells to increase your score

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• Fortunate diamonds

Fortunate diamonds


Fortunate diamonds is an application designed for relaxation and fun. It is very addictive with its effortless playability, with no other game. Try and beat the other family members in another game like any other. It will reward you with beautiful diamonds.


- 20 achievements
- 48 diamonds to try luck
- archive score
- archive statistics table
- 4 different combos
- a few bonuses in gaming
- beautiful graphic
- very nice sound effects
- option to reset game data
- instructions to how to play game

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